KC Home Dad

Monday, March 19, 2007

New Children's Museum meeting

On Fri. March 23 KCDADs has been invited to speak our minds (this could be dangerous) about the new Children's Museum being planned by Wonderscope and Beyond The Book. This is an excellent opportunity for us to be a part of the planning stages and help make this a wonderful and educational experience for our children.

I also believe it provides KCDADs an opportunity to grow in the community. And I don't just mean by adding new members. First of all, our involvement could help temper some of the negative stereotypes that are out there about at home dads (ie the Mr. Mom stereotype). Secondly this could be an opportunity for our group to do something that is for a higher purpose. Sure, our group is great at helping one another in this journey of at-home parenting, but is this all that we can do? I believe that we have such a strong, close-nit group that it is time we start working together to help others.

When I first read the story about the new children's museum that is being proposed, I immediately felt this might be the kind of community activity that fits with our values. We'll see on Friday, but I hope KCDADs can be a big part of what they are trying to do.

Look for my report on our meeting next week...