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Monday, November 13, 2006

Convention news and notes - Breakout Session 5

For Breakout Session 5, the final breakout session for the day, I chose the Financial Planning session presented by Waddell & Reed. It was a hard decision on which presentation to attend because there was one on Kids and Nutrition as well as Growing Your At-home Dad Group that I would have liked to attend. According to a couple other Dads I talked to, the Kids and Nutrition presentation was focused to narrowly on organic foods, but the Growing Your At-home Dad Group was informative. But the one presentation I was not interested in turned out to be the best in this breakout session according to the guys that went to it. It was the presentation on Depression and Isolation giving by a psychologist with UMKC. There was a lot of laughter and great information.

I did not get too much out of the Financial Planning session since there was not a lot of new information, but there were several new things I did learn, such as the difference between Long Term Care Insurance (pays medical bills) and Long Term Disability (replaces income when you're ill or injured). The best quote was "Financial Planning is an art, not a science." I hope there is a more advanced session next year.

CHEER: Having a financial planning session
JEER: Too much information I already knew - hopefully there will be a more advanced session next year



  • Thanks for posting your reviews of the various sessions. Maybe next year.

    By Anonymous Northland AHD, at 10:18 AM  

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