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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Convention news and notes - Breakout Session 4

Instead of sneaking away for a nap, I decided to drag my dreary bones over to the Breakout Session 4 on Blogging presented by Caleb of http://www.hailtopitt.org/. The funny thing about his presentation is that there was so much information (and I know so little to begin with) that it took me about 24 hours to process everything he was talking about. Maybe I was groggy after lunch I don't know. Kace from KCDADs came with me and I think we both (even though I have a blog) wanted to understand why some one has a blog in the first place. Perhaps that is sociology question rather than a technical one, but Caleb gave some great reasons why to have a blog. I believe his answer is that it is the new way to communicate with mass audiences without the filter required when you have to be supported by advertising. Of course, a lot of it is junk that needs to be scrutinized (except this blog obviously) but some of it is good stuff. One of the last things he said probably summed up the answer I was looking for - you need to credit your sources. That sounds like journalism to me.

I got the most out of this session for me personally because it helped me understand whether or not I should even have a blog and what I want to do with it. I'll provide my conclusions on that in a future posting.

CHEER: A techy who was really a 21st century journalist - impressive
JEER: More technical detail was needed (did I just contradict myself?!)



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