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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Convention news and notes - Welcome Session

After a quick breakfast and lots of "Dude, you made it!" (Friday night was a late one for many), Dayv and Andy began the convention. Nearly 50 dads from all over the country were there including several members of the media which was awesome. I have been to other much larger "social" conventions and never seen such interest from the outside world. There was a newspaper reporter for England, a magazine reporter from Japan, an author of an upcoming book, a columnist from a south Chicago suburban newspaper, a reporter from the Kansas City Star, a photographer and a PhD student. At the end of Andy's welcoming comments, the staff of the convention presented a $200 donation to the host of the convention, the UMKC Women's Center which I felt was a real class act. Andy made a great comment that while we are men, we are a women's issue because our success at managing the kids and the home allows our wives a better opportunity to succeed in their careers.

CHEER: Donation to UMKC Women's Center
JEER: Introductions of the media representatives should have been in the welcome session not the final session



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