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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Convention news and notes - Breakout Session 1

For Breakout Session 1 I decided to attend the talk on At Home Dad Resources presented by Dayv. With my new duties for KCDADs as a membership coordinator, I was interested in finding other at home dad websites and resources to pass along to our group. For the most part, I found that I knew about all the websites Dayv discussed but there were a couple of books, Libby Gill's Stay-At-Home Dads and Dr. Kyle Pruett's Father Need, that I didn't know about and thought would be interesting. I think the session on child safety may have been a better one to attend until I heard from other guys that it wasn't that great because the Police Officer didn't seem to relate to her audience well. Hopefully that session will be improved for next year.

CHEER: Dayv - great presenter and moderator
JEER: There just aren't many at home dad websites



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