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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Annual Holiday Party - great turnout

Yesterday was the KCDADs annual holiday party hosted by myself and my wife. We had an incredible turnout - 16 families attended with a total of 27 kids. It's a good thing we are so cheap and haven't filled our house with much furniture; we wouldn't have had enough room!

It is just so great to be around such a tight knit group of guys. And, it was a true treat to be able to bring along our better halves and share with them the great bond we guys share at playgroups and Dad's Night Out. Plus, the kids got along so well, we hardly remembered they were there - until they came like a pack of wolves chasing each other through the kitchen.

Everyone commented on how much fun they had socializing and sharing stories. Of course the food, prepared by my wife, was a huge hit. My wife is a whiz at preparing meals for large groups since she comes from a family of 10.
Every year our group continues to grow larger and closer. What a great time to be an at home dad...


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